Friday, February 05, 2010

Now, with clickable links.


charlotte gainsbourg



black crowes

fred hersch

Thanks to theorris, who is my HERO.

tags: breakthrough, friends with skillz


Becky said...

You were able to get clickable links?? I think you've just found your new BFF.

Totally loving Spoon//Transference

Ann said...

your success leaves me giddy

theorris said...

I rock.

You rock.

We rock!

Emma J said...

Will theorris give lessons? I want to be able to do this, too. Not that I knew I wanted to do it before I saw you do it - but now that I've seen, I must know.

Condiment said...

Want to make sure that everybody has seen that Charlotte Gainsbourg/Beck vid that came out a few months back.

I watched it for a month straight, literally.

It is probably the best thing I have ever seen, ever.

This is the director's cut. Do not watch any other version of this video!!!!

Renaissance Girl said...

your links are very, very cool.

and i happen to LOVE "night shift."

Counterintuitive said...

Even my teenage son is amazed.


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