Monday, February 01, 2010

And now, I pause to note a limitation,

which I am loath to admit, and which I shall represent now as a series of propositions and factual statements:

1. I wished to create a hand-drawn/-written post that contained within it clickable links.
2. I drew/hand-wrote this post.
3. I scanned these drawings.
4. I figured out how to insert these links, known as "hotspots," in Fireworks.
5. I exported this as a .jpg.
6. When you upload this fussed-over and finessed .jpg to Blogger, it is just a picture.
7. A picture with no clickable links.
8. I do not know how to work on this problem/challenge to my skillz at the level of html code. Moreover,
9. I do not know that this problem/challenge to my skillz can be surmounted at the level of html code.

Ergo, please note that the "click here" commands in the hand-drawn/-written images below cannot be executed by clicking, and if you would like to click, you may use the links below the images. This is an inelegant solution. It pains me. Nonetheless:

Fred Hersch [Jobim] [@Jazz Standard] [NYTimes]

That is all. Carry on.

TAGS: frustrated, execution


  1. Currently catching up on Spoon--playing the hell out of Kill the Moonlight (much awesomeness there).

    Would Skitch help with your hot spots? Just started looking into it myself, but haven't played yet.

  2. If you do learn how to do the hotlinks, here's hoping you do a post teaching the rest of us how. I love how you keep pushing the limits of the media.

  3. One of the things I admire most of all about you is the "how hard can it be?" attitude that you have!

  4. I can show you how. It does involve raw hrml, however.



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