Monday, February 15, 2010

Lies I tell myself: a running list.

1. I'll get caught up over the weekend.

2. I'll get caught up over the long weekend.

3. That's the last thing I'm going to buy.

4. That's the last potato chip I'm ever eating.

5. There, that's all tidy. I'm never to let it get that bad again.

6. Just five more minutes online, and then I'm going to [fill in the blank: take a walk; do the dishes; grade an online discussion; organize my sock drawer . . . ]

7. Starting now, I'm going to write everyday. [write = not the millions of words I generate a day; write = something that might eventually be a poem]

8. (at midnight) That's all right, I can get all of this done tomorrow.


  1. You are taking dictation from what I thought were my most private thoughts. Darn!

  2. Another lie I tell myself: Surely if I keep clicking the channels, something good will come up on tv.

  3. "It's not so bad. The semester's almost over."

  4. "I'll just check HTM real quick between tasks at work." 20 minutes later . . .

  5. ditto. plus i can type one-hnded



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