Thursday, February 25, 2010

La fête du bon voyage (containing an ode).

(a), he was going to China, but
(b), so did Marco Polo, so
(c), it was perfectly fine for it to be a pizza party.

You cannot imagine the array of good pizza stuff I had--enough for pizzas for the 5000. We did happen to have only 2000 or so people, at the fête, so there was a lot of good pizza stuff left over, which we packed up and sent home with several.

But that's not what this post is about. What this post is about is ice cream cones.


For it is edible, yet it contains an edible,
which is both icy and creamy;

but the cone itself is crunchy
and brittle: for it is
a cookie, yet it is also a vessel:

for it is made in several versions, to wit,

the cake cone, which is for children;

the waffle cone, embodiment of savoir faire,
the cone of choice at the ice cream parlor; and

the sugar cone, the cone of my youth,
burnt sugar crisp into which

the double dark chocolate
ice cream of Swenson's was dipped:

because it comes in exceedingly
small sizes, such as
the kiddie cone:

why not have two?


The day before the party, I found tiny ice cream cones at Target, and the people, I bought them, and for dessert we had cupcakes baked by my daughter, with tiny Chinese flags affixed to toothpicks and stuck in the tops, and to finish it off, there were tiny ice cream cones, vanilla and chocolate, and they were adorable.

I don't always think "adorable" is the most salient quality in a dessert. But sometimes it is, especially when the boys--little and big--who are attending your party ask for just one more.

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  1. You had a party without me?

    Wait, check that.

    You had a PIZZA PARTY without me?!


  2. Liked this little poem, tossed off so effortlessly. Son will have a grand time in China... A stupendous time!

  3. Loved this so much I had to read it aloud to husband and daughter.
    And Swensons! I used to go there after piano recitals!

  4. I agree that Son will have a fantastic time. And when he comes home, we will not understand what he says.
    But Yum. Also ice cream also sugar cones. And little is good.

  5. Safe and happy travels, son of HT. May your eyries welcome you at your journey's end. And may there be pizza.

  6. Yay verily I did step out on my porch and I did say to myself lo I smell pizza somewhere in this valley. Pizza for 5000, in fact. And I did want some in a covetous-breaking-a-commandment kind of way.

    I had no idea YOU were responsible.

  7. stock up on the tiny cones for when we visit.

  8. Your blog is so popular you dont even need a comment from lowly little me!



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