Thursday, October 29, 2009

What is teaching?

In a Venn diagram (click to enlarge):


Amelia said...

So basically teaching is drafts and swearing? How hard could that be?

Middlebrow said...

Looks like a good tool. And I think your diagram fairly represents teaching, especially swearing at projector. I've done a lot of that this semester.

Dr. Write said...

Yes, swearing is number one. What about self-loathing and drinking coffee? What about sitting in your office? What about surfing the internet?

Nik said...

This is pretty much my teaching mode as well. No wonder I can't breathe.

Antistrophe said...

And what about blogging to avoid grading, which is what I'm doing right now.

A brilliant post.

I must use this Venn tool in the future.

Counterintuitive said...

Love this representation of teaching.

Your "forgetting" comment reminded me of last week: I completely and totally forgot to prepare for a class--no novel, didn't even start said novel that *I* assigned, no thought whatsoever about the class until 5 minutes before while walking down the hall.

You sure got it right: Panic!


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