Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some things you don't know about me.

And frankly, probably don't need to know:

1. My favorite flavor of gum drops is white, black, green and purple.
2. When I plan a menu, I always make at least one thing too many, and usually more than that.
3. I don't care about "fancy," but I tend toward "lots."
4. I have the most gray clothes of anyone in America. (Data source: private survey of my closet)
5. We have just reset our humane mousetraps because apparently, it's Party-time for Mice at our house.
6. I am behind in my work, and I will be behind in my work until December, when the semester is over.
7. I owe some library fines. Sadly.
8. I fight with myself not to go to Target everyday.
9. Reading The Divine Comedy when I was 22 was, in the realm of reading experiences, a big one.
10. We have two new dogs that live next door and while the jury is still out, they might be annoying. A little bit. At six in the morning when they are let out and start barking.
11. Two words: eat soup.


  1. I cherished every word of this post.

    And now I am off to eat soup.

  2. I agree with your gum drop list as long as by gum you mean spice.

  3. I am making soup and I am glad to know that someone in the world will eat purple gumdrops (I wondered).

    Also I think you should explicate some time Target's strange attraction - my sister suffers from this also and I would like to understand - for me it is Red China from the moment you step through the door and I find it hard to breathe. Obviously, I am missing the essential?

  4. I hear you on the "eat soup" but not, unfortunately on Dante or gum drops.
    Howevah, I will defend your love of all things Target. First, inexpensive (but not cheap, though sometimes cheap). Also, awesome.
    Glad I don't live closer to one.



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