Thursday, October 15, 2009

From the chronicles.

The Soup Chronicles, that is:

And verily, she did arise from her bed of affliction: and lo, there were squashes and onions, peppers and garlic galore on the tops of the counters. And she found it was Wednesday, yea, the Wednesday of pulses, and thus she must soak the remainder of the Yellow Nightfall beans in the water that ran from the tap, yea, the water that ran clear as rain.

And the chopping of the peppers, onions, and garlic was terrible to behold, but greater still was the immensity of the hellfire, aka the sauteing, though the medium was the purest of olive oil, yea, the olive oil which is called "Extra Virgin."

And suddenly, there was with the cook a multitude of the heavenly host, saying: Glory, there is soup!

IN OTHER WORDS, the people, it is again Souptopia at the Megastore, one day after another. Chili, then roasted butternut squash soup, and tonight, carrot soup with red lentils and basil.

And lo, her refrigerator yieldeth all for the good of the soup.



  1. Now this is a Bible I could read. Yea, verily.

  2. Yellow Nightfall beans? Is this a private revelation or canonical?

    Moreover, this post makes me hungry. And I've already eaten dinner.

    Glory be.

  3. I agree that fall is the time for excessive soup making. I need to get on board for that. OR you could just make soup for everyone.

  4. I don't believe you made that soup and I challenge you to prove it. I guess I am some sort of Doubting Thomas, but all I really want is a taste of the Butternut Squash soup. I wonder if Thomas had similar ulterior motives.

  5. I want to go to your church.



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