Tuesday, October 06, 2009

And now let us pause for a brief television review.

While we were driving in Los Angeles, we saw a billboard advertising a new television show, NCIS Los Angeles. According to the billboard the show would be featuring the dramatic talents of Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J.

Fact: NCIS stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service. The show is about an agency that investigates crimes involving the Navy or the Marines. I, like the rest of the free world, have been mixing this show up with CSI, which, isn't it a lot of work for the free world, keeping these acronyms straight? When they're using the exact same letters? Television producers, get on that!

Fact: Even though the Ls in "LL Cool J" stand for "Ladies Love," as anyone in the civilized world can tell you, you don't punctuate them as you would L.L. Bean. Why? I don't know. You just don't.

Anyway, a show that's a police procedural AND it's set in Los Angeles AND has Ladies Love Cool James? I'm all about that. As I mentioned to the historian whilst driving in Los Angeles. While we were driving west on Santa Monica Blvd., I said, "I'm going to watch that show." ["Santa Monica Blvd." may or may not be the actual boulevard upon which we were driving.]

And did I look up this show to find out when it was on? And did I watch it tonight? Yes, I did.

And was the show as good as its particulars might imply? I am sorry to report that no, in fact, the show is terrible. Stagy, poorly paced, not well written, and, sorrowfully, drawing dramatic interest neither from its military nor its police contexts.

"Who thought of this?" I said to the historian, after one particularly stagy moment, "and why are they wasting the charisma of Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J?"

Also, the charisma of Los Angeles. Criminal.

Meta-blogging: I have apparently crossed a terrible and consequential blogging threshold, as I now have 2000 tags, and Blogger informs me that no blog can have more than 2000 tags. Sadly, some of the tags I need, like "Los Angeles," "acronyms," "charisma," not to mention "LL" or "the people cry out for justice," I may not add. Blogger! Why do you have to be so harsh? Can you not accept that sometimes we may need to articulate categories that exceed your limited view of what a category is? Blogger! Let my people go!


  1. that's really, really sad that you don't have access to new tags. I will cry a little today over that sad fact. stupid blogger. don't they understand tags as a poetic art form?

  2. Fact: LL Cool J is on my cheat list and I'm not afraid to admit it. I haven't seen this show but will be adding it to the DVR.

    Fact: Maybe I can consider it clean porn or something.. surly I can make a bad show worth watching just so I can stare at him!

    Fact: I LOVE your tags!! So witty. They make me laugh. Blogger can BITE ME!

  3. You should have a post where you just review TV shows, a la the movie reviews. MB and I are addicted to Californication, which is a little bit porn-y in so many ways. But.
    I'm moving mad men up the queue. I promise. Then we can review it.

  4. My greatest success of the day yesterday was missing NCIS California. Regular NCIS is fine but this LA version is perma-bad. I do look forward to getting into Californication though, which, thanks to this post, Sr. Write reminded me to record/queue.

  5. What is not to love about cool james? Oh right, this crappy show.

  6. I say you make a physical (virtual be damned!) protest and, spray can in hand, tag Blogger headquarters (now, where can that be?) with multiple tags--say, 2001 of them at least.



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