Saturday, October 10, 2009

Los Angeles: the report (Part 3).

On the second day, we headed up Highway 1 to Topanga Canyon, after which we planned to hit Mulholland Drive. But first, we went to Venice Beach, which inexplicably I had also never been too.
Historian: You've never been to Venice Beach?

Me: (my life has been a hollow, empty shell.)
So we stopped. We walked on the beach. We absorbed some of the local culture. We bought two cds from guys on the strand.
Reggae guy: You will like it! I'm asking just $10, but whatever you can pay.

Me: I love music! I am happy to pay for music, especially directly to the musician.

Hiphop guy (with another cd): You will like it.

Me: Um, we just bought a cd from that guy.

Hiphop guy: I know that guy, his music is good. Reggae. Mine is very different. I speak five languages. I am from Senegal.

Me: Senegal? Cool. (pays $10 to hiphop guy)

Other musician guy: (brandishes cds)

Me: (flees)
We listened to the cds while we drove up Topanga Canyon. And that was pretty awesome.

TAGS: long billed birds, street art, iconic, hollow shell, suckers for the music


  1. This little getaway of yours has been great. I think we, the internet who cannot travel just now, will need more of these trips and reports from you.

    There is something very swell about a pelican soaring over the surf.

  2. We enjoyed Venice too, for a limited time. One must flee, at some point. But it does feature some excellent people walking, as well as some really offensive t-shirts.

  3. I love your DIY spirit and would love, even more, to buy a cd from you. Yes, indeed. Would you make a cover album of Joni? Pretty please?

  4. And now I must return to normal life - but with the sound of surf in my ears. I love these postcard reports!



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