Sunday, June 24, 2007

The party's over.

The last writer is on a plane back to where he or she came from. The last reading, the last reception, the last horrified parent walking out at an instance of the f-word. The last manuscript consultation, the last workshop, the last coffee run. Writers at Work is over, and I am a little sad, a lot exhausted, pretty over-stimulated, and I am probably feeling some other emotions in the mix, as well.

I had to have a brief cry about five or six times yesterday. I am a crier, but that's a lot even for me. Why, I really can't say. I slept in the afternoon. The historian made sure the swamp cooler was working (even though we really need to get a new one, which entails research about getting the right kind, etc., which takes time, time I didn't have because it was hot and I really needed a nap), a gesture of loving kindness that brought about one of the brief cries. When we went to the farmer's market in the morning, which usually is a big high for me, it just seemed like so. many. people. that we kind of had to move right on out of there.

Anyway, last night, after we came home from our movie (Once, which I highly, highly recommend--a straightforward music-based movie, and it is wonderful music, that is just the kind of thing we all need sometimes), I went straight to this laptop and started composing a poem. That's a good feeling at any time. I was listening to the new Feist (again, highly recommended) and then to Martina Topley-Bird and then to Massive Attack. Dear reader, I composed straight through three cds. That's how good it was to write a poem. I intend for this to be the beginning of a stretch of creativity the likes of which the megastore hasn't seen in quite some time. If it involves some random crying, so be it.


  1. Will get the Feist record, yes. Heard that Once was the musical for people who hate musicals (was that a New Yorker article?) and was going to see it but the gf watches any and all romantic comedies without me (but with my blessing, of course) so I'll probably never see it now.

    Love your keyword tags, by the way! Awesome!

  2. 1. I just did some prelim research on swamp coolers and we are going with the more expensive one that you only have to replace the pads every five years and it has a plastic liner; our's is basically rusted through and through.

    2. I've amazed that you could even consider anything creative after such a week.

  3. the new feist is great--better than the first one, I think. I listen to it incessantly while I'm cooking (probably because it's the one cd in my small kitchen cd player and I'm too lazy to go fetch another one)

  4. I could cry anytime for no reason, so I think the exhaustion of the conference entitles you to weeks of brief cries.
    I need the fiest and also to see current movies.
    Congrats on all the writing success.

  5. I am finding myself more and more restless. There are only a handful of things that temporarily cure it. One of them is driving to BYU campus and sitting in front of a piano. The other is writing poetry. I know I am somewhat of a beginner, but there is something so uplifting about it. You really are an inspiration.



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