Thursday, June 07, 2007

Oh to live on Sugar Mountain.

The megastore is a veritable hive of industry. To wit:
  • some of us have graduated from high school

  • some of us have resigned our positions as sandwich artists and are applying for other, more highly remunerative jobs, while others of us have been promoted to the position of Manager of Sandwich Artists (I think that's the title of the job, anyway--)

  • some of us manage to play video games into the night in the party-shed and still get up by 11 a.m.!

  • some of us are working away on various writing projects while also doing laundry

  • some of us get up every morning to go to a job

In other news, the cat has become a mighty hunter of mice again. Death toll for the mice: 4 and rising. The worst part of this is the piles of guts we find (this is how we conduct the death toll).

Okay, back to work, but before I go, this sample photo to illustrate the fruits of our labors:

Son and friend pre-graduation


  1. Hmm. I'm thinking of growing a beard. Does that count as an achievement?

  2. I like how you use "some of us." I am going to start using this construction so that when I, personally, am not doing anything, I can take credit for what everyone else in the house is doing, as in "Some of us have finished chapters of our dissertation" and "Some of us have learned how to swim" while "others of us have sat on the couch, become obsessed with Steve Carrell and think the characters Pam and Jim are real people."
    BTW, do you want to go see Evan Almighty with us? We have to go on opening day.

  3. Happy graduation to Walker! I hope he got my card...Graduating is definitely something to celebrate! He is such a joy to be around. Someone that you find yourself staring at with the tried-and-true knowledge that something funny will come out of him.

    And soon.



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