Thursday, June 28, 2007


What's the typical summer day at htm?
Alarm at seven, get up at seven thirty or so. Eyes gritty because we sleep with the windows open. Eat. Make tea. Do a little writing and reading. Drink tea. Go somewhere--to my daughter's, to a social engagement, like lunch or tea with someone. Possibly go into some store or other for something more or less necessary. If I'm lucky, take a nap. Come home later than I thought I would, often in traffic. Make dinner and have surprisingly cordial conversation with running son and college daughter and the historian. Take Bruiser and Betty to the dog park. Do a little more writing or reading. Maybe watch a little tv. Make a sack lunch for running son.

Is Bruiser allowed to sleep on the couch? What about Betty?
Yes, both. Betty has to make more of an effort than Bruiser, though.

So, how's that couch doing?
It has a healthy soupcon of dog hair and also a dash of dog park dirt on it.

Is Bruiser allowed to get up on your bed?
Enough questions about Bruiser.

Do you really all sit down together and have dinner each evening?
This week? Yes.

What'd you buy at Costco today?
Bagels, turkey, tomatoes, a watermelon, Red Vines, a couple of books. Cheese.

What'd you have for dinner tonight?
Bagel sandwiches and watermelon.

Do you spend money every day?
Sadly, shockingly, pretty much, I do.

How's that paper you're writing going? Fantastic?
If I could turn this "blog post" into "an introduction," I'd be doing very well indeed.

Is this summer everything you'd hoped for and more?
It's definitely more. I'm still hoping for "everything I'd hoped for." I'm completely optimistic, though.


  1. Dammit, now I'm going to have to make my own FAQ...

  2. Now I can't let Gus read your blog. He'll get the wrong ideas. "Hey middlebrow, Bruiser and Betty get to be on couch."

  3. I want to know who the supposed asker is in this scenario. Because not all of my questions about dogs and food have been answered.



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