Thursday, June 21, 2007


Today is the penultimate day of the Writers @ Work conference--both exhilarating and exhausting. I have thus far attended four readings and will attend three more before it's over. I have an introduction of a poet to make tonight that's making me feel a tad on the sweaty side. Also, I'm in charge of the daily grocery run, where I have to see if any writers need to make a run to the store for, what, cigarettes or tampons.

This year, I enrolled in a workshop, mainly because it was being taught by a poet whose work I love and I was thrilled about the chance to just meet her. It has been excellent, if slightly troubled by a sensitive new-age guy with not very much sense about how he was hogging the discourse space. Maybe that was just me.

I did better this year at schmoozing, aka networking. I went to the big party the night before the conference and hung out and talked with the poet. I picked up a poet/editor at the airport and I'm taking him back to the airport tomorrow. I had a manuscript consultation with him (he liked my work! he liked it!) and I'm sending him my manuscript at his invitation, which makes me feel like singing and dancing. I introduced the poet aforementioned, and he's the poetry editor of a literary magazine. A bunch of us took the poets, a fiction writer, and one of the fellowship winners to lunch yesterday at Trio. I helped them get tickets to the Lucinda Williams concert tomorrow night.

And--and this, my readers, is the best part--I am going tomorrow with the poet whose work I love to make a few returns at Anthropologie (her returns, not mine; her idea, not mine). I'm giving her my manuscript (at her invitation), but she said, and I quote, "this will be the best way for us to hang out, I think." How, how did she know? Shopping and poetry. Speak, o Muse!


  1. I'm glad to hear the conference is working out for you. It's the only reason to do all that dreaded volunteer work: hanging out, schmooing, networking.
    And I definitely agree that shopping and eating are the best ways to get to know people.
    And congrats on the consultation!! Finally a reader worthy of your work.

  2. of course I meant "schmoozing" though "schmooing" sounds fun, if vaguely sexual.

  3. Wow Jeffrey Levine, eh! You're going big time, I see. I can't wait to go to your reading in New York!

  4. Oh my god, I'm so jealous. She is my FAVORITE poet. I'm so glad she shops at Anthropologie with you.

  5. shopping? at ANTHROPOLOGIE?? this story can not possibly get any better. I am so happy for your success in the manuscript world. It is so great when your work is enjoyed by someone else!



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