Monday, June 11, 2007

At the butt-crack of dawn.

Going to see my best friend since forever in Santa Barbara. This is Santa Barbara redux, since the trip the historian and I took last February was sort of mixed--too short a time for such a long trip, mainly. Today, I finished about 97%--maybe even 98%--of the writing-for-hire project that has been the monkey on my back that has been simultaneously kicking my ass and also reminding me how very, very undisciplined I am.

However, despite my substantial character flaws, I'm going to see my best friend since forever in Santa Barbara! She knows the town and there's an actual agenda that seems guaranteed to produce a good time. There's a beach, for one thing. Good restaurants (the historian and I had a great dinner when we were there--mine was a plate of deconstructed fish tacos that looked like a fiesta and tasted sublime). A beautiful old library and movie theater.

Well, see you when I get back, suckers. I'm going to Cali. I will give you a full report and possibly I will mobile blog. We'll just have to see.


  1. Travel well. I hope my food is deconstructed in your wake.

  2. Welcome, welcome. This is the promised land.



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