Monday, September 18, 2006

To hector or not to hector.

Surely I am not alone in noting the general sluggishness of the blogworld. I sometimes feel like scolding, except when I note that my own pace is, well, sluggish. Part of it is the poem-a-day project, which I think is consuming my writing chakra's energy (there's a writing chakra, right?). Also, my teaching turns out to be rather all-consuming as well, as I'm developing new materials pretty much constantly for two online scenarios. Add to that a relapse into a headcold--very annoying--and the visit from Victor Villanueva to SLCC last week, and it has in general been a very slow time for blogging.

But that's all right, that's okay, I'll get back to blogging someday. In the meantime, here's what else is on my mind:

Also tomatoes to roast, flowers to plant, dogs and winter to consider, a jazz concert tonight (Ramsay Lewis, very spry at 71, along with his drummer and bassist), and autumn to enjoy.


  1. My answer: the compost must ferment before being worked into the soil

  2. Very zen. Or else Kung Fu (the television show, not the martial art).



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