Thursday, September 07, 2006


[Narcissistic whining alert]

Coming back from a holiday makes work much workier, if you catch my drift. Teachers in my corridor, in an unscientific poll, agreed that the students were not into it after the Labor Day holiday. Plus everything just seems grouchier. Fetching an LCD projector? What a pain in the ass. Walking over to the relocatable classroom? Nightmare! Sweating through a presentation that students seem only marginally excited about? The horror.

I've finished teaching for the week, so that's good. Yesterday I taught at home all day, including building a new presentation for my online composition course, and that was good. Even working all day, however, still left me behind. Sweaty, and also pissy.

A redeeming feature of the week has been that I am still caught up on the Poem a Day for a Month project. I'm loving writing new poems. It's like a contraption that's getting in gear. I took a walk yesterday and came up with four new ideas for poems, and wrote two them. Then, at the City Art Meltdown, I read one of them, along with another poem from the project, as well as an older poem. Dr. Write also read one of her witty and also heartbreaking pieces, beautifully, and the evening was a smashing success. Props to my writing group, a braintrust of poets if ever there was one.


  1. I carried an LCD projector around with me most of the day today: three classes in three different buildings--yes, a pain in the ass and sweaty. I tried to imagine that I was doing something productive, like building my right bicep as I lifted it up and down walking from building to bldg. I don't think it's working.

  2. Yeah, that perpetual feeling of being behind marks the beginning--and duration--of the school year. I hope that at least you'll have the excuse to buy (more) fabulous shoes. All of that running around requires brio and, let it be said, style.



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