Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bad teacher or terrible teacher?

This is me we're talking about. Not five minutes ago, I finally got a learning module posted for my online class that they should have had . . . well, awhile ago. I have reasons and excuses, but still. Also, I am behind in reading the drafts in every single one of my classes. Plus, right about now, I feel my work should be done for the day. The thought of the kids, their eager faces, their queries, "Do you have our drafts yet?" None of this moves me. Instead, I say to myself, "I will arise early tomorrow to read the drafts." As if.

On the other hand, the learning module is first rate. Also, after a horrific day of sniffing and sneezing yesterday, I feel better today. Also, Bruiser went to the dog park in heroics of cold-suffering on the part of myself and the historian. Only two other dogsters were at the park, just to show you. It was raining! And we saw running son do another 5K today. And I did, after all, finish the learning module. And it's posted! Already!

Fine. Terrible teacher. I will redeem myself. By getting up early to read the drafts.


  1. If it's any consolation, I'm behind on grading in my online class as well.

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  3. If it's any consolation, I like to consider myself a terrible teacher so that other days I'm merely bad by comparison.

  4. Oh the drafts. Why so many?

  5. I'm impressed that your students actually ask and anxiously await their drafts.



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