Monday, September 25, 2006

Beautiful day.

In keeping with my theme song, I would just like to say that after a crazy cold snap which killed the tomatoes at my organic farmer's farm up north, the weather has turned around and it's the kind of autumn day that makes you want to go hiking or biking or walking or something besides inside computer work. Alas, aside from a trip to the dog park, which I intend to enjoy, it's inside computer work for me.

I accomplished a little editorial work in my closet this weekend. My new goal is to have a French wardrobe, i.e., fewer but more beautiful clothes that I will wear to death. Thought you'd like to know this. When I told the historian, he raised his eyebrows, but only slightly. To his everlasting credit.

I'm still behind in my work. I'm trying to think in two hour blocks of work, but as you can see, I'm blogging. Some things have to come before the two hour block starts.

Last week was the first episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent. I have exhausted, or nearly exhausted, all the syndicated episodes, so I had to resort to watching the new season. It was very good, I must tell you. Eric Bogosian appears to be replacing both Jamie Sheridan and Courtney Vance, and doing a bang-up job of it. I know, no one cares but me, but it was excellent. Vincent D'Onofrio is meatier and greyer, but also more soulful and mournful than any other TV detective.

This week, aside from a horrible major's meeting on Friday, in which all the college English departments get together to talk about transfer issues, will be a good week, because it's autumn, because I will be caught up (don't laugh!), because my closet is for the moment organized, because for the moment, there are clean sheets, and because the season premiere of The Gilmore Girls is Tuesday (also a new episode of L&O: CI). These are my pleasures, and I'm sticking to 'em.

Special note for everyone who hasn't already heard this story: Jesus appeared in my dreams Sunday morning. He was running a poetry workshop, and I was in it. This made it into my poem of the day yesterday, in case you're interested.


  1. We watched the season premiere of Boston Legal, because my friend from Pocatello was in it, and we watched Without a Trace last night, which made me cry and vow never to watch it again (do I need something else to worry about?), but I'm really looking forward to The New Adventures of Old Christine tonight. Oh. We also watched the Office. Uncomfortable, but funny.
    I love Vince, but I guess I love Anthony more.

  2. It seems to me that the historian is a master of raising his eyebrows slightly.

  3. Wow! I loved the poem. Nice dash pre-Messiah entrance.

  4. We are watching Sorkin's new behind the scenes gig: Studio 60. I like the dynamic between Josh (from Westwing) and Friends dude, though I never watched Friends.

    Jesus in dreams? I never heard that story and I feel like I've missed something important.



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