Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Megastore recommends (Harbinger of Fall Edition).

okay, I fancied it up a little.
1. The moon. I know, I know. It's there every night. But my friends, the moon is particularly beautiful right now. Right this moment. In fact, just go outside.  Isn't it amazing?

 as forecasts go, this could not be more beautiful.
2. Loving the chill. I woke up this morning and my room felt the way it always does--like morning, which is too early, and full of sleep, which should last longer. You know, like a bedroom. But I had gone to bed in the belief that today would be a decidedly colder day, and I dressed accordingly, i.e., with a sweater.  And the people, I was not disappointed. When I went outside, the morning had a distinctly sweater-appropriate vibe, i.e., it was a little chilly. And even when the day warmed up a bit, that cardigan did not go amiss. And tonight, after dinner, I went out to take an early evening walk as if my life depended on it. And oh, the sky. The chill. The way the air felt on the verge of something colder. The moon on the rise. We have weeks and weeks of this kind of weather ahead, if we are lucky, and I intend to embrace it with my whole fall-loving, leaf-stomping, sleeping-with-more-covers, soup-eating heart.

this is a dramatic reenactment
of my television.
3. Television. Listen. If I were being honest, I would have put that another way: TELEVISION. Or even TELEVISION! Because television is the best. It's time for the new shows, you know. The very first new shows! Bonus: they're also showing the last episodes of last season, so you can revisit your old friends.

This summer we watched three seasons of Justified and we watched it so hard that at the moment, I find it hard not to wonder what Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder are up to these days. So yes, television, I am recommending it to you. So hard!

this cookie aspires to the
condition of my cookies. frls.
4. Sudden and spontaneous baking. Tonight, I was seized with the desire to eat cookies. Oatmeal cookies. So in the commercial breaks of the last episode of last season's Nashville, which I totally had not watched and thus watched with full attention and television tears, I beat sugar into butter and then an egg and vanilla into that, and then oats and flour and salt into that, and then chopped up dried strawberries and chopped up pecans into that. And thus it was that I found myself, tear-stained and emotional, pulling a pan of cookies out of the oven (375 degrees). Those cookies were so good. I kind of felt like a genius, which leads me to my point: eating cookies soothes the savage beast, y'all. Bonus: at the moment, it's not too hot to turn on the oven.


  1. I love your fall-loving, leaf-stomping, sleeping-with-more-covers, soup-eating heart. My heart says, "Me, too."

  2. "Seized with the desire," eh? Love those oatmeal cookies!

  3. You make a poem out of fall. Thank you. And yes! THE MOON! It breaks my heart these nights.

  4. All of this. YES!

    And I saw that moon last night, tried to capture it on my little iphone camera, but it made it look like just another streetlight, so thank you for a reminder of that moon.

  5. The chill= tights and I love me some tights.



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