Thursday, September 05, 2013

Notes for September.

On cleaning out my office, in preparation for the big move to the new building:

1. If you put stuff in a box, and then you don't look at the box for one year or more, throw away the contents of the box, preferably without looking at each individual paper.

2. Magazines and newspapers = stuff to recycles. Why did you stack this on your shelves in the first place?

3. No need for self-loathing, now. 


5. Just get rid of it in the first place, for heaven's sake.

On the weather:

It is hot. This cannot be denied. But the weather is changeable in September. Today's high of 93 will turn into Saturday's high of 88. And then, as a colleague just pointed out, soon it will be snowing. We live in hope.

On things to look forward to:

New The Mindy Project! New The New Girl! Two Scandinavian novels awaiting me. More and more tomatoes and basil and squash and peppers. Soon: sweaters. And tights! A whole slew of great movies now and to come. Going to visit my daughter. A trip with my son and another daughter. A trip north in October. A solid revision of my (second) manuscript. 

On renewable pleasures:

So many of them: Walking every night with the dog. Watching television with the dog. Taking a walk with my tiny little shuffle, music in my ears. Watching the sky. Autumn dreaming. Sleeping with the window open. Feeling, actually, optimism.


  1. Thank you. This was a much needed tonic for me. And the header is GORGEOUS!!!

  2. It does lift the heart to read this, HT. And when you're right, you're right: always time for self-loathing, later.

  3. Yes. Yes. And Yes.

    I love this (with no HOWEVER whatsoever). You and your htms are one of my renewable pleasures. And yes again - gorgeous that header.

  4. I'm glad you blogged, so I did it too.

  5. Your words are a tonic indeed! I can't wait for winter, though I'm sure we define it differently here in Bama. Still, the dream of cold and sweaters is a happy one.



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