Thursday, September 26, 2013

Short observations.

If you have, say, twelve videos to remake, by replacing sneakily screen-grabbed visuals with legit Creative Commons-licensed ones, and re-recording the voiceovers, and maybe making the overall content a little more substantial while you're at it, and also adding captions--

(damn if that's not a long if clause)

--to repeat: if the above are the conditions under which you decide that by god you're going to get some of those videos DONE, son, it does not follow that you should start four at the same time.

Because you're probably not going to finish any of them, and then you're going to feel panicky for days.


I'm not complaining. But this weather, it might actually be a little too cold for the middle of September.

And thus it was that I found myself thinking today, but it's okay: it's going to get warm again. It's going to get warm again? I ask you.


Days are not infinitely elastic. Poems are acting like strangers.

And here I thought I had less to do, and I still have lots. Lots and lots.


I am looking as if from afar--from a great, great distance--at the peaches and tomatoes at the farmer's market. With longing, I think that's implicit in from a great, great distance.


I sometimes feel like I've said all the things there are to say on a blog. Just a feeling, not a fact, although it sometimes feels like a fact.


This afternoon as we walked in the chill, before the sun went down, the light and air were perfect.


Grading is, like, an existential condition.


That is all.


Nik said...

To me, whatever you say on the blog is new news because you say it newly. And yes, it's too cold already. Jackets out. Heat on. Yesterday the wind blew. I fear it will not get warm again but I have abandonment issues.

Ann said...

I agree with Nik. Never stop. Say away. Nobody says it better.

Emma J said...

I put my vote in, too. Keep saying.

Amelia said...

I will hate it if you stop blogging, but I know you won't. Blogging IS infinitely elastic.


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