Friday, February 22, 2013

The Oscars: a consideration.

The other day, my friend Ann mused aloud (on Facebook--that has sound, right?),
After I fell out of my chair in disbelief, I considered a short list of celebratory things I generally abstain from:
  1. going to Temple Square to watch the lights turn on at Christmastime.
  2. going to a park or stadium to watch the fireworks on the Fourth of July.
  3. dressing up for Halloween (except for wearing my The Raven tee shirt, which I save expressly for Halloweenery).
But I never never never don't watch the Oscars. I never even consider not watching them. Not even rhetorically.

I have heard others opine about Seth Macfarlane. What if he is awful? Dan Kois over on Slate says:
"What am I rooting for? I’m rooting for Seth MacFarlane to walk into the Dolby Theater on Sunday night complaining of a “terrific headache,” ask for an aspirin, and be given the night off by producer Craig Zadan. Filling in will be delightful Golden Globe hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who will then host the Oscars for 14 consecutive years."
Actually, I am rooting for that to happen, too. But I don't think it will happen.

I love the crazy over-longness of it, and the rousing conversations we have about the new, non-traditional, stupid ways they have of presenting the major acting awards. I love the sentiment and the industry shill. I love the clips, oh how I love the clips of the films!

I am pretty mad at the Academy this year for failing to nominate The Master and Paul Thomas Anderson for Best Picture and Best Director, respectively. I thought it was a masterpiece and my pick for best film of the year. I really don't get why they didn't nominate it in these categories, especially since they could have--what is the point of nine Best Picture nominees if you could have ten? They should have just nominated it. Stupid.

Also we have not yet seen Zero Dark Thirty. I am a little bit afraid of the movie, and also I'm afraid the historian and I might disagree about it (what if I think the film takes a morally nuanced position about torture, and he believes that it makes an argument that torture is sometimes justified?), and I hate when that happens. Also, I am possibly a weakling, and maybe I can't take it? Also, I heard a clip on NPR today, and Jessica Chastain sounded like she was possibly hamming it up? (out of context, just ignore that.) Ugh. I want to see it, I should just see it already. Tomorrow: it must happen!

And we have not seen Amour. I believe already that it is great and superb and also I believe with all my heart that it will depress the hell out of me/us. I might have to see this one alone, as well.

Anyway. Whether we end up seeing the remaining movies or not, I like contemplating the fact of watching the ceremony and celebration of it all, and finding out whether I think Seth Macfarlane is a smug bastard, or possibly a comic genius? or something in between. In any case, I will be with my family and a plate of snacks, and we will watch it with noise and pomp and circumstance, and it will be, as it always is, one of the events that constellates my movie-going year. (I bet Ann will be watching them too. Will you?)


  1. I'll be watching them. And actually tweeting them this year, because it's fun. Couldn't find any good prop bets, though, sadly.

  2. I should take up the Twitter. It seems like a natural way to opine about live action. And, of course, I'll end up watching because I can't not. (And please tell Amelia that one day I WILL live-blog Conference.)

  3. I also can't not watch. I also believe Amour is a masterpiece already even though I haven't seen it; maybe will see it today but probably not. Wanted to see The master and Django before Sunday but ain't goin to happen. amazingly for me I've seen most of the other movies up for the big awards.



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