Thursday, February 07, 2013

Dear writing:

After a week with four rejections and a months-old draft that just kept sitting there, being drafty;

after a day when I felt the lack of you,

as well as my own disappointment with myself, more piercingly than ever,

thank you, writing, nonetheless for standing by me:

thank you for moving me at 1 a.m. from what felt like sure sleep

to get up, because there was something that needed to be written,

something that kept me from sleep, something urgent enough

that I decided to get up and write it.

And thank you, even, for the four and half hours of sleep I lived with today,

because every moment at the thin edge of exhaustion,

it was there, that new piece, what I traded for sleep.

yours, htms


diane orme said...

I really relate to this. I've woken up with an idea for a scene or a character. When those ideas come, I have to write them down or I will forget.

Why can't inspiration come when we ask for it?

Amelia said...

I am glad you are a writer you know that right? Regardless of stupid publishers. You are a writer. That is my motivational thought for this Friday.

Nik said...

Pretty good trade. (I got two rejections last weekend. On a Saturday night! And a Sunday morning). And yet, the trade. That is the good.

Ann said...

Oh, HTMS. You know you are my favorite poet. What Amelia said--stupid, stupid publishers.

Thanks for this post. It gave me a lift.


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