Sunday, October 09, 2011

The sick, which is the enemy of going to the movies.

I am better now. However, in the gift economy that is unique to marriage, the historian was stricken with the very same sick. This means that for two successive weekends: no movies. The horror.

The sick has also given me, us, our pack of three, opportunities to contemplate things like:
  • how much dust there is everywhere.
  • how much money I have spent on stuff.
  • how things like buying a car to replace the smashed Camry or grading seem completely monumental when considered from a prone position.
  • that I am mortal and we are all going to die.
It is good to be on the upswing from the sick. Really good. It's good to take a walk in the afternoon with Bruiser and admire the weather, which itself is on an upswing from the rain/snow of earlier in the week. We have figured out how to buy the car, or The New Camry, as I like to refer to it. I am grading, or blogging, same thing, right now, and it seems possible that I can dig myself out of the grading hole, or hell, same thing, that I am in now.

Maybe that's the best thing about being sick--when you get better, you just feel grateful for what is. Getting back the ability to not feel defeated by your life.


  1. I am glad you are emerging from the sick. How did writers like Keats write whilst they are sick. I can barely work the TV remote when I'm infected. I continue to embrace your edict: it is always the middle of grading (or blogging) so why be surprised by grading?

  2. Oh, doll. I am so sorry about The Sick, but I'm happy you're feeling better. Yay for movie-going and for possible new cars.



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