Monday, October 24, 2011

One thing at a time.

Today I took direct action like a Wobbly, as opposed to working through the system: I bought a new printer. But that's actually (almost) the end of the story. Let me start over.

Have you ever felt like the odds against you--the forces armed against you--the lack of inner resources that you bring to an almost insurmountable task--might slay you before you even get out of bed in the morning?Well, that is exactly how I've been feeling with regard to readying my house for winter. And by "house," I mean my whole life, obviously.

Here are some things that need to happen:
  • tulip bulbs: plant them.
  • perennials: trim them.
  • apples: sauce them.
  • grapes: juice them.
  • mice: eradicate them (this will never happen. Obviously. We live by a field, and we will not poison them. Hello mice my old friends, I've come to send dark thoughts your way again.)
  • kitchen table: for the love of heaven, keep it free of stuff!
  • poems: write them, revise them, publish them for the love!
  • grading: get caught up.
  • weatherstripping: put some on so the wintry drafts do not veritably chill our very souls come December.
  • blog: write more regularly.
  • spending: whip it into shape. And conversely,
  • buy: this one thing that is *obviously* an exception to "spending" above.
  • car: OMG get one before I lose my everloving mind.
  • vacuum cleaner: fix it.
As you can see, there is enough on this list to flummox a person of regular powers. Or, you know, maybe a person of regular powers would just start with the items on the list and do them. In an orderly fashion. Whatever. Maybe I am just lame. I certainly feel that way.

For instance, I did a little book review project this summer for a little cash. A nice little piece of cash that could aid in any number of the above projects. Or I could spend it. Whatever. But because I did this project in the summer, and because my printer was acting like a prissy little diva, and wouldn't print, and because I did not want to go into work just to print, or at all, it is now OCTOBER and I have still not sent in the forms so I can get paid.

Not to mention that I do have a few poems in progress that I could be working on. But because I am sick sick sick of screens--online teaching you are my nemesis!--I thought, I just want to print them out. But did I print them out before leaving work? No. Did I have a car so I could go somewhere to print them? No. Did this make me feel like giving up on life and simultaneously pitching a huge fit like a child? YES.

The people: I got up this morning and went to Target directly upon its opening hour, bought myself a printer, set it up LIKE A BOSS and now I can print, and wirelessly. And all of a sudden, everything else seems manageable.



  1. Dear Boss of Printers, Friend of Mice, Saucer of Grapes: Posts like this put the F in LFB.

    P.S. Verification word? grapore

  2. You are my hero.

    word verif: molanymn

  3. Take action sister! Hope you bought a kodak printer... the ink replacement is cheap. But in any case! Go you! PS Your mouse problem needs only one thing, a cat. Ethical and natural pest control.



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