Monday, October 03, 2011

Complaint: a litany.

I feel sweaty and sniffly, and am nonetheless in my office, hiding behind a firmly closed door so that I can get some online grading done, because

the internet at my house is out.


I called the helpful folks at my ISP, and they said

"unfortunately Ms. HTMS, the red power light means your modem is broken. It's what we call "a hardware issue," and no amount of phone-based troubleshooting will alleviate what ails you. However, we can send you a new modem, which will be $99. And it will arrive far too late for you to stay home and nurse your cold for one more day, because you will have to go into your office to use the internet there, since you really, really must get on that online teaching you didn't do this weekend because you felt sick, and you wasted your Friday going to a meeting."

Thanks, helpful folks at my ISP. No, seriously.

Sweaty, sniffly, hot-eyed. Internetless. Broken modem'd. Be-Dayquil'd. Vicksed up.

Also, my e-mail box is possibly at its limit of over-fulness.

Uncomfortable chair.

Way, way behind in my work.


  1. This is no good, Lisa B. No good at all. Except--are you going up to 12 Mbps? Is that the deal you get for $99 now? Because I very much might like 12 Mbps. It might make all the colds go away that much faster.

  2. I suggest
    Spicy chinese soup cooked by someone else for dinner.
    Excellent tunes on your computer right now.
    Much resting this evening.
    Feel better soon!

  3. And still hightouch was holding forth in Senate today like a pro. I didn't detect any sickness at all. She is the hardest working prof/senator/colleague in the business.

  4. Oh, doll. SO SORRY about the sniffles. And the internet thing, too. Bad luck, I'm afraid.

  5. But the new banner!

    I do hope you get that spicy chinese chicken soup and that someone finds you a more comfortable chair,and that all else works to your good.

    Stupid colds.

  6. So sorry about the lousy fall-changing-into-winter-so-soon? cold.

    But I really like the new masthead.



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