Tuesday, August 30, 2011


was my birthday, so I
  • acknowledged to myself that I am old(er) with a small but private and very limitedly miserable sulk, then
  • opened birthday presents from the historian,
  • wept over a sweet note from my oldest friend and a sweet note from my dad, after which I
  • ate a birthday custard,
  • took a quick birthday trip to Target (what. That's totally a thing.), and
  • took a birthday trip to work that lasted a lot of hours, where I
  • had a birthday interview with a student candidate for the editor of the literary/arts mag, then
  • received a phone call wherein my grandson sang me "Happy Birthday," whereupon I
  • spent a birthday hour in the Student Writing Center, whence I gave birthday help to a student, after which I
  • fretted over a birthday lesson plan and a birthday grammar & style activity, and then
  • taught, after the birthday fretting, a great birthday grammar & style class! I then
  • ate my birthday sandwich and birthday potato chips, and drank my birthday Dr. Pepper, with my friend, while concurrently
  • doing my birthday office hours online; then I
  • went home before having a
  • birthday taco and watching a
  • birthday movie with the historian.
In conclusion, birthday birthday birthday! BIRTHDAY, oh yeah.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I especially love how you've transformed the suckiness of working on your birthday into celebration, of a sort.

  2. It's also a fun post if you insert the word "smurf" wherever it says "birth."

  3. I could read your birthday blog every day of the year. Happy birthday birthday!

  4. Birthday blogging! Woot woot!

  5. Hooray for birthday custard! And the lucky student who got birthday help!



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