Friday, August 19, 2011

Dear Movie Studios of America,

It was certainly our own fault that we chose One Day as our Friday night movie option. However, having now viewed this film, we have the following constructive criticisms to make, in the spirit of better movies for everyone:

1. You should hire somebody who can tell you how to make a movie better, because pretty much any fool could have told you what you should have done to make One Day a better movie.

2. No amount of bad haircuts, Doc Martens, and wire-rimmed glasses will make Anne Hathaway the "plain" girl. Also, sorry and no offense, but Anne Hathaway's accent sucked. Shoulda hired a British actress.




  1. And why didn't they hire a British actress? It's not like there aren't any of THOSE around. It makes me crazy when Hollywood does stuff like that.

    For the record, I will never be as cute as Anne Hathaway. But my British accent is way, way, way, far better than hers.

  2. This just makes me want to watch it. To see how very bad it is.



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