Thursday, July 07, 2011

Lazy, a little bit. Or a lot.


After getting back from Idaho on Saturday, and on Monday having the Fourth of July barbecue at my daughter's (fun!), and on Tuesday, having a haircut and a meeting and some hours writing a little bit strenuously and sweatily and not very attractively, I'm telling you, and then seeing a movie and meeting with my book group (fun!),

I have settled into the following routine:
  • wake up not very early.
  • loll around until later than that.
  • make breakfast, or
  • possibly whine about the fact that there is no bread for toast.
  • take Bruiser for a walk when it's less cool than it would have been if I'd taken him earlier, when I was still (a) waking up not very early, or (b) lolling around until later than that, or (c) making breakfast, or (d) possibly whining about no bread, or (e) all of the above.
  • take a shower.
  • look at who knows what on the internet while
  • contemplating what else I could/should be doing.
It's not very productive, I am forced to admit. I am "writing" and "making a film," but the measurable outcome is infinitessimal. Like, for instance, if someone were making a documentary of my summer writing/filmmaking, and they did time-lapse photography, maybe over the course of several days you might see a half of a haiku emerge.

Not really. It's more like a big messy spill of bleah, out of which might be excavated a haiku. But no one really wants to see time-lapse photography of that, do they? Or do they? I wish, maybe, I could make that movie.

Or not.

Actually, I am reasonably happy making the movie I'm making. It has lots of parts to it, and many pieces of footage, and decisions to make about what goes where, and what I should say in my voiceover, and so forth. So away I go, to look at the footage some more and take a few more notes and maybe write the other half of that metaphorical haiku. Or maybe just a half of the other half. I don't want to rush it.

In case you're interested, I am making salad for dinner. And toast. Because now there is bread, which around here, we like to call "progress."


  1. Dude. You say lazy, I say super productive. You say haiku, I say, at least you're writing poems. Which I would like to see. On the off-chance they remind me how poems go.

  2. *Write blog post
    Tick that one off on your procrastination check list.

  3. I say super productive. And remind myself of one of my favorite categories of things which is: Big Things Made of Smaller Things.
    Which is to say, my life.

  4. Final Cut, oh no! You've convinced me that editing can be fun, after all.

  5. Waiting eagerly for your film. I love these. And ditto what Nik and Dr Write said.

    Word verif is also encouraging: "tryto"

  6. Yup. I'm impressed.

    I'm also particularly interested in the salad you made.

  7. Not too lazy to give us the occasional new blog post, shirley? We, the people, need stimulation and amusement--the sort that doesn't require me to move or think for myself!



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