Monday, July 18, 2011

The good things.

Having my daughter home for a few weeks before she launches into a big brand-new adventure.

Cherries in the fridge. Iced tea morning noon and night. Lemonade. Toast.

AC in the afternoon. The breeze sifting through the trees in the morning. Windchimes. Sitting on the patio for an hour or two, writing.

A beautiful, big, wonderful dog who wants to go on a walk, morning noon and night, and who greets us at the door with a whole-body wag.

Realizing that I have the doldrums every single summer at the exact same time, a realization which allows me to mitigate it, even if a little, even just by writing a list of the good things.

Writing, always. Always.

An old friend, a new friend, the oldest friend.

Daughters and sons, hither and yon.

The beautiful, loyal, funny and smart historian, who is always on my side.


  1. Sometimes, I think possibly the point of summer is to make us long for summer.
    List of good things does help stave off the longing!

  2. I love your lists of good things. They are one of the things on my list. Even if the very idea of AC makes me shiver.

    And now I have to go find some cherries.

  3. Awesome post. I think I'll steal this idea and do it on my blog. Thanks, HTMS!

  4. Wish I were there to share some cherries and iced tea on your porch.



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