Sunday, July 31, 2011

And on the Sabbath day,

I made jam, because it was apricot day at the market yesterday. It might be apricot day again next week, but you can never tell, really, so it's good to seize the day.

I like to use citrus instead of commercial pectin. It makes the fruit taste more like itself, and also like sunshine. I am not kidding.

It's half a lug of apricots, about 2 c. of sugar, juice of 2 oranges and 3 lemons. Bubbling away.

Sharpies were made to label jam jars. True story.

So this is about 2 half pints and 10 little quarter pint jars. I might give one to you if I really like you.

After the jamming--which will continue into tomorrow after I buy more lids and rings and probably more jars--I had plenty of apricots left to make a blackberry apricot galette. The blackberries were because yesterday, it was also blackberry day at the market.


  1. Those are some lovely apricots.

  2. What a perfectly wonderful way to spend a day! You impress me, as always. :)

  3. I hope you like me (she says shamelessly hoping for some of that jam--and a slice of galette, too).

  4. u b jammin'. Jammin' in the name of the lord. Wo-mon. So, mea navis aƫricumbens anguillis abundat, it follows that if I don't receive a jar of jam . . .

  5. Nice photo essay... Yum!

  6. Your blog design is so beautiful, and these photos are making me drool!

  7. Citrus in the place of pectin? I need a recipe! Delicious pictures - I can almost smell them!

  8. I'm just catching up with your blog now. So get this. I made apricot jam last Sunday, too!

    I really do love the photos. Very nice, Lisa B.

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