Thursday, June 02, 2011


So, this week has included, thus far:

1. vacation Monday, which ended with
2. ceiling collapse/need a new roof Tuesday.
3. roofer consultations and bids galore.
4. visit to grandchild's classroom for class opera The Friends (excellent, by the by).
5. lunch with grandchild and fam.
6. second lunch with colleague and friend.
7. book group.
8. breakfast with daughter and grandson.
9. food shopping for
10. baby shower for other colleague and friend.

As full of delights as this list is--and it is full! heaven knows, busting out all over with delights!--I need to get to work.

The historian and I just had a little midday phone call, because (a) more roofing talk, and (b) I left my phone at a store across the street from where I had breakfast this morning. He said, "So what have you got to do today?"

To which I replied, "I have a whole list":

1. straighten (this verb includes a myriad of stuff and messes)
2. wash (the whites and the sheets)
3. make videos (which I owe, in a sense, my college...therefore, I have procrastinated and resisted--one of my small handful of key, signature moves)
4. sew (I have inventoried the piles of fabric I have accumulated over the years. I am going to make things out of this fabric. Some things.)
5. cook @ 4. For the baby shower.

So it's time to get cracking.

Notice how there's no writing in that list? I wonder: what's that about?


  1. I love this idea of sewing because there are fabrics. It's kind of like writing because there are words--but better.

  2. OKAY

    1. I love your list
    2. because you have this vivid
    3. way with words and
    4. now I see
    5. possibly
    6. you have a vivid way with
    7. fabric

    I have known you this long and did not realize you sew?

  3. By the way I love the header. Gorgeous cactus flower! And I just wanted to say the verification word was "shazoot," which is something I'm sure Gomer Pyle used to say.

  4. Lovely lovely header. Cactus and softness. I'm sitting here transported to, almost smelling the air of a desert morning.

    It is so good to hear your charming voice again. So sorry to hear about the collapsing roof. How do you make even that sound charming?

    I am excited to see future posts about the sewing. We (as in reunited daughter and home daughter and contented mother-self) are talking sewing up all our saved fabric into vintage summer dresses and then donating whatever we don't use to a lady who makes dresses for girls in Africa. Clean closet, and a virtuous sense of self-satisfaction, ultra femmy flirty dresses - we shall be insufferable!



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