Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fauna (with no pictures).

At the end of the day, in Yellowstone:

The historian: (steering the Camry of Power into a pullout, so a speedster can pass us) I don't think I should be going much faster than this, do you?

Me: No. I was just reading (brandishing the ample documentation, newsletters, maps, warning leaflets, and whatnot that they give you when you drive into the park) that every year, 200 large mammals are killed on the road. Because of speeding. So 45 is perfect. Those guys are assholes.

The historian: ...and speaking of that,

Me: A WOLF! (which is sauntering down the middle of the road. It glances back at us, then crosses to the shoulder and down into a meadow.)

The historian: Think that's a wolf? Probably a coyote.

Me: Awwwwwwwww, let's say it's a wolf. (wrestling with my camera and its long lens, trying to point in the right direction, as we drive slowly by)

The historian: No, maybe it is a wolf. Looks too big to be a coyote.

Me: A WOLF. (failing failing failing to get the wolf into the frame)

The historian: Do you want me to stop?

Me: No. . . I missed it. I didn't get it. (camera all bulky and not really my friend yet, acting like it's a little too good for me in my fumbly hands.)

The historian: You sure? We can stop.

Me: No. Let the wolf be. (All of a sudden, wise in the ways of nature. Philosophical. Zen-like. Turning to The historian:) The WOLF.


  1. Wow. Jealous. Love Yellowstone, national parks in general. I used to pay my kids a little bit for each type of animal they saw. Helped them stay focused outside the car window. Deer, bison, and elk were plentiful, so didn't bring much, but a bear? a wolf? They would have been big bucks. Unfortunately, I never had to pay up. My son and his wife just drove through Canada to Alaska and saw 19 bears! How is that fair, I ask you?

  2. Wow wow wow wow. Wolf! Wow.

  3. Wolf! Wish I could see one. Even one that may not have been one.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed that little cyber ride I just took with you and the Historian.



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