Wednesday, June 15, 2011

For heaven's sake.

Well, the people, I have notes for a fancy ass blog post that would probably take like nine pages to get out, because it is complex and intertwine-y and full of philosophical pauses so that you may reflect. But when I went to write it, I thought, gaaa! blah blah blah, I don't have the time left in my allotted years to write that post, which, I may still write it. But not tonight. Tonight, I am going to say the following: today, I
  • returned some red shoes I ordered online which did not, as it turns out, fit my IRL feet, to Urban Outfitters, and bought two cute and probably slightly junky rings with the return-o-money (that's a special category of money, in case you haven't heard of it);
  • had lunch with a friend;
  • left my cell phone AGAIN at a place that required fetching it (the historian was the designated fetcher), but did not realize this fact until later, see below;
  • gathered facts and data for two reports I still need to write (can you believe that? me either.);
  • met with a student who's doing an independent study book-making project or projects, we shall have to see how it all turns out in the end;
  • and only then realized that I had left my cell phone hither and yon;
  • and through my superior powers of detection and superb memory, realized where I had probably left it;
  • and stewed about it while I drove home, where I could call the place at which my cell phone was most likely residing in its lostness;
  • and called, and confirmed, and then called and e-mailed the historian to beg that he deploy his powers of goodness to retrieve, aka fetch, the roustabout phone, which is evidently filled with the desire to be lost;
  • and went to the movie with my daughter, because that was the plan, and a little item like a lost phone can't interrupt a movie plan.
The movie was excellent, the phone was retrieved, we had burritos and fresh salsa for dinner, and then took a neighborhood spin on our bikes.

Fill this in with complex intertwinery and some pauses, and you pretty much have my other post, I think, so I think I'll go ahead and skip it. Check in tomorrow for new possible cheap jewelry, a-la-minute dinners, facts and data, and shoes, probably red, and hopefully that fit.


  1. Would a pithy review of film-with-daughter have been a part of the Epic Post, one wonders? Not complaining, mind you. I find myself quite sated, for the moment, what with red shoes, superhero Historians, and general non-blah whatnot.

  2. The word verif for your site is almost always, and unlike other sites, meaningful. Why is that? Looked, it says. A confession, I think, that this post is one it had to read before delivering - unethical mailman that it is. I think the Machine likes your lucid lucidity and the powers of goodness prevailing over desires for lostness - I know I do.

  3. I love me a good update on red shoes. Verification "tartio" sounds like a new recipie!



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