Saturday, December 04, 2010


Soon there will be grading a-plenty, and after that or maybe before, a Christmas tree and lights, and baking and gift-buying and birthdays, at least at my house, and festivities galore. GALORE.

But before that, I am trying to do a little writing. This afternoon, I went down to the Roasting Co. for a few hours and took out my second manuscript, the one that I worked on during my sabbatical, and tried to do a little assessment and revision. The last time I did this was one month ago, I happen to know, because one month ago was the date on the notes and drafts I looked at then.

I have to say, it felt good. It took a minute, though, to get in gear. First I had to locate everything, both hard and digital copies. Then, I had to note which drafts were pretty far along, and therefore closer to finished, and which ones weren't really drafts at all. Then, I had to assess my resources--my inner resources--to see which project I was capable of addressing.

I got there when it was still light--at 2 in the afternoon. I had to sit tucked away in back because there were no window seats, but that was okay--less traffic. When I left, it was dark, but I had a draft that was significantly closer to being finished(-ish) than when I arrived. I believe I will do the same tomorrow, and hope that it takes a little less time from arrival to sinking in. I have three fat piles of notes that aren't drafts yet, and I think I will try to get one of those into a draft(-ish).

Perhaps tomorrow, I will also grade. But I believe that before I grade, I will write.


  1. I like the mental picture of you tucked away at the Roasting Co., noting and assessing and sinking in and then feeling significantly closer. And ready to do the same thing again today even with the grading and festivities galore to come. I am so glad to hear you have found space for your writing.

  2. See. This is what makes a real writer. Writing while grading pends. I always just say, "no writing until the end of the semester" from Thanksgiving which makes me a grumpy person and a bad writer. Happy writing today too I hope!
    (my captcha was "worksmas" which is kind of how I think of Christmas. Your blog makes me think it's last worky.)

  3. Good on ya! I am a non-grading reader, but I must, must! grade. But writing sounds better.

  4. Oh this sounds like my favorite kind of day. And I'm so glad you're writing because as you know you ARE my favorite poet. In the history of the world.

    Love your new header by the way. It makes me want to knock back some eggnog right now.

  5. I am so glad to hear this. More writing, more and more. Because I want to read your next collection.

    (The word verif thinks you're vry nearly there - "prosp" just a growl of effort away from "prosper".)



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