Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dear Meltdown,

I appreciate that you waited patiently until six days before Christmas to point out to me that we really really really needed a Christmas tree. But, dear Meltdown, you did not so forcefully point this out until just after the television started to make the in-your-face gesture of a blue screen, which threatened to take away one of the most basic of human rights, the right to lie in bed and watch a little television, especially before falling asleep. That blue screen really kicked the "We Need A Christmas Tree NOW" campaign into high gear, so that, in fact, we did go get a Christmas tree. Three of them. Live, planted in pots, and 40% off at Lowe's. They are glowing in the living room as we speak.

Dear Meltdown, I also appreciate that you did not assert yourself in the face of the grading that still, still is waiting to be finished, especially if by "finished," we mean "started," really.

I appreciate that you, Meltdown, abated while I made the pizzas for the belated birthday party for Running/College/post-Mission son, and that you withdrew entirely for the viewing of Christmas Vacation that was the specified activity for the post-pizza evening.

But that rant by Clark Griswold--you know the one, the one that ends "Hallelujah! holy shit, where's the Tylenol"? That rant, dear Meltdown, that rant reminded me of you.

Sincerely, lisa b.


  1. That rant is an all time classic... it encapsulates one element of the Christmas experience, the inevitable meltdown. At least your melt down led to something valuable...Christmas trees!

  2. I am often grateful to that useful Loss of Reason that insists something Happen Right Now!! after much waiting.

    And three (3)(!!!) live Christmas trees - I hope Meltdown is resting merry now,

  3. Erik channels Chevy Chase all Christmas long. Happy vacation to you too.

    I love that you have 3 live trees! Happy potted plants to you. May they live many years from now.

  4. There you go. Clearly the most reasonable, ecologically sound reason to wait until now to buy your tree(s). They will be back outside before they know it.

    I bet your house smells lovely.



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