Friday, December 10, 2010

Stats: pre-solstice, post-teaching.

Teaching: done.
Baked goods: one cake baked; eaten. None remaining.
Illness: inevitable possible cold.
Grading: all still awaits.
Movies: two.
Mood: rainy but optimistic.
Crossword: yesterday's.
Housekeeping: que porquería.
Young men in their twenties in the house: two.
Online status: powering down.
Semester: almost, almost over.


Emma J said...

Dear Lisa B, please do not succumb to the enticings of possible cold - unless you can negotiate cups of tea and cozy sleep-ins into the settlement.

And is porqueria by any chance the name of your reiable cleaning service and can I have their number?

Dr Write said...

Grading done: 0
Grading doing today: 0
Eating done & to do: infinite


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