Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some stuff I could tell you about.

1. how my oven has it in for me.
2. how our lights are flickering, dimming, then brightening (poltergeist?).
3. how we're calling an oven repair guy and an electrician guy tomorrow morning (also: exorcist?).
4. how the e-mail is still a-tricklin' in.
5. how there is a dearth of excellent Christmas movies showing up on television at the moment--is The Wedding Crashers a Christmas movie? I submit to you that it is not.
6. on the other hand, if I never see White Christmas again, that will be just fine with me.
7. how we ate (a) jasmine rice, (b) broccolini, and (c) plain old salad, plus (d) oranges and bananas for dinner: the plainest dinner ever. Did it ever taste good.
8. how it is super cold when you walk the dog at 11:15 p.m.
9. how I got a draft of a poem ready for my writing group.
10. how I still have so much grading to do.

But I can't tell you about any of these things, because it's bedtime. See you tomorrow.

p.s. I really want to eat these.


  1. The air is very dry and hence and therefore my cookies were very dry, but they include dark chocolate and so no one will notice. (she said, hoping)
    Also, the students will not cooperate what with the uploading of the links to their eportfolio and getting their damn papers in.
    Only thing to do: drink coffee.

  2. Your plain old dinner sounds plain old satisfying and I may pick up some broccolini so I can emulate.

    Plus - and I don't know how this is - but even your plain old not telling bedtime post strikes my ear as wit and refreshment. Thanks.



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