Monday, November 13, 2006

Post-election investigation.

Democracy is nothing if its citizens are not involved. That's why my daughter and I decided to take a trip to our nation's capitol to investigate the mood after the election. We decided there was no better place than the Watergate Hotel from which to base our inquiry.

Exterior View, the Watergate Complex

Here's an interior view. I believe that you can feel the spirit of G. Gordon Liddy in this photo:

Watergate Hotel, Lobby Interior: Exit

We had an excellent view of the Potomac River from our window:

The Potomac in the morning

However, there were moments when things looked darker along the Potomac:

Gloomy, rainy-day Sunday (along the Potomac)

We took that to mean that there were some dark feelings about the election and its outcomes, somewhere in our Nation's Capitol. Here, we paused to contemplate Frederick Douglass's words: "Power concedes nothing without a demand."

Tree with autumn leaves, falling (universal symbol of the cyclical nature of change)

On our seemingly interminable flight home, we discussed these matters, concluding that the future of democracy is always uncertain.

Daughter contemplating the uncertain future of democracy.

Gratuitous Washington Monument shot.

Note: we also shopped quite a bit in Georgetown and hung out various places, including with my cousin, who was good enough to pick us up in Baltimore and schlep us out there again, fine young man that he is.


  1. Well. It's good to know where you were. Here Middlebrow and I thought perhaps you had run off to have some kind of emergency surgery in Guam. (okay. neither of us really thought that).
    I love that you stayed at the Watergate. You know there's office space for rent. I heard about it on NPR. Where else would I hear about that?
    welcome home.

  2. Yes, Dr. Write and I were mildly concerned. Where is lisa going? And why haven't I gotten the memo? Where's the memo?

    Glad you're back, though you missed a hell of a department meeting, but that goes without saying. The next dept. meeting, you know, is at the Tavernacle.

  3. I believe that the next department meeting should be at the tavern--forget that "acle." All department meetings should be so situated. Well, okay, maybe not yours, but mine should, for sure.

    Glad you're back. Now email your friend. Pleeaase.

  4. Did you fill out your TP-389.29/2s travel request form for bloggers?

  5. I told MidB you must be at a conference but he never listens.



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