Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election scherzo.

Everyone knows the good news.

Sad news at the megastore--the dad of my kids, who ran for a Utah House seat, lost by about 400 votes. 400 out of about 6000! It seems so small. His competitor, the incumbent, ran a slacker campaign, had a crappy website, didn't even respond to the candidate questionnaire, didn't walk the neighborhoods . . . and still won.

All the kids did a lot of work for their dad--walking with him, distributing literature, standing on corners to honk and wave. Scotland daughter sent balloons and a boutonniere for the candidate. The historian and I contributed some money to the campaign. Last night, as the evening wore on, there was much checking of the online election results. The two candidates were even for awhile, but by 11 p.m. the die appeared to be cast, and this morning's paper confirmed it.

I would just like to say that an election in which some seats change hands but the overall ridiculous (im)balance of power in this state stays the same seems insufferable at the moment. Let us pause to contemplate it, and to wonder what might ever disturb this very bad status quo.


  1. Well, congratulations to him for trying. You have to give any body who runs against the so-seriously-intrenched props. So here's to your kids' dad and to Pete Ashdown and to all those who work their asses off to give hope that one day, Utah might actually be a Two Party state (and Scott McCoy and the semi-dem Jim Matheson--congrats too).
    Word Verification: dhqulyge--when too many quaaludes rain down upon you.

  2. Even better news, Rummy resigns!!!!

  3. Yes, let's hear it for the _idea_ of democracy, if not actual democracy itself. But let's also think about the Democrats who did win. Son's favorite candidate: Ross Romero, a state rep. And the Sheriff. And others.
    Plus, as amelia points out, Rummy resigns. And only two days after W said, "he'll be with me til the end." Does this mean the end is nigh?

  4. oh my god, we can only hope!



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