Thursday, November 02, 2006

My migration was Jazzarific!

So, yesterday, when I left my computer at the home of the Migration of Doom, aka the basement cave of the IT guys, I had some anxiety. Okay, maybe a lot of anxiety. It led to a flurry of housecleaning, that's how bad it was. Yes, I hung up/put away all my clothes and also found some items to give away. Also, I put away some shoes. Also, I sorted through the magazines and books and reordered my bedside shelves. Also, I put away a large-ish stack of books in my study. In other words, the Apocalypse was nigh.

But when I went to pick up my laptop this morning, all was sunny, even when they said to each other, "That one had some problems with the data" and even "the data failed." My heart beat a little faster, but an IT guy did the data transfer manually (whatever that might mean), and now my computer is migrated. And all is good. Ave, IT guys!

In the meanwhile, the Jazz looked amazing last night--powerful and together and actually a little deep. (Don't tell me they're not, I don't want to hear it from you skeptics, and you know who you are.) Whoo hoo, Jazz!

As a last word, it's time for all you television watchers to give 30 Rock a shot. NBC, Wednesdays at 7 (MST). It is hilarious. It's a sitcom, so it only demands a little of your time. It is very, very, very good.


  1. I agree, the Jazz looked good: fast, athletic, even competent. And Sloan played young people. This is a new Jerry Sloan. And the Booze was Boozetastic!

  2. Good news about the data. And the Jazz. And we did watch 30 Rock last night. And it was funny.

  3. The Jazz did look good but the migration, at least mine, has come with several nagging problems: one letter representation of some of my files when they are stacked up on the tool bar, email rules had to be reset, can't get home email window back to single screen, sometimes can't access any files until I reboot...

  4. I forgot one: the migration migrated about half my desktop icons/folders (I have about 50) to some far away netherland

  5. My problem: I can't email you. So I will, later, from a different account. But I'm all good here. I burned discs of all my photos this weekend (discs, meaning 2. they all fit on 2). So I feel tech saavy and happy. And I love the SCC IT guys. One speaks in a fake british accent (and he fixed my printer problem) the other is a sweet older gentleman. We talked about passwords.



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