Monday, November 20, 2006

Chemicals win.

This morning at breakfast, I said to the historian, "Let's recap the accomplishments of yesterday." I said this because one of the main accomplishments of yesterday was: I figured out that if I replaced my low-impact, granola-type dishwasher soap with Cascade, my dishes would actually get clean!

This is important news, because one of the low-level grouses of my life has been that for the last several years, my dishes have appeared to acquire a film. A film? Nay, a grungy sheen that could only be expunged by serious hand-washing before you put them in the dishwasher. The Luddites among us may be saying, "So what? hand-wash, then." Except there it was, the dishwasher, claiming by its very existence that I could put dishes inside it, load it up with soap, shut it, turn it on, and later have clean dishes. You can't just hand-wash, not when your dishwasher makes a daily claim like that.

You can tell how serious it was by the fact that it bothered me, not exactly your paragon of tidiness. I was seriously considering scrapping the old dishwasher and getting a new one. I had been seriously considering this for years (it's still me we're talking about, not some get-it-done clean freak!).

Anyway, the historian's daughter had mentioned, in a conversation with her brother about the very same problem, that if he wasn't using Cascade, he really had no idea whether it was his dishwasher. So yesterday, I bought me some Cascade in a big old green bottle. And lo! all manner of dishes, vases, pans, and other dishwasher-safe receptacles got clean. Sparkling clean, even.

Other news: the Jazz were riveting in their overtime win over Phoenix. "We had this game won," whined Shawn Marion, "then we just gave it to the Utah Jazz." No, Mr. Marion. The Utah Jazz took the game. From you.

Betty the dog had surgery last week. She has a big rectangular shaved patch, a Frankensteinian scar and stitches, and no more mass on her back. We'll get the pathology report in a couple of days. In the meantime, she seems to feel like her old self--peppier, even.


  1. That was one of the more entertaining Jazz games I've watched--and I thought to myself as I was watching it, lisa b and the historian are there. They are actually there! The Jazz look great. Unbelievable. Paul Millsap? Who the hell is he? Did you see the profile of Jerry Sloan in the New York Times? I'm tempted to use it as an example of profile in 2010.

  2. So, what's your conclusion about low-impact, environmental friendly products in general? Do they mostly suck? Does big corporate America win? Are we (you?) unwilling to sacrifice a bit for a lower level of performance?

    I really wished I hadn't missed that game but very glad I went to Facing East. My son watched it and reported to me via phone between the play and some wonderful bruschetta at the Macaroni Grill.

  3. Electrosol is even better. Those little tablets--no dishwashing goo or grist anywhere.
    And because Electrosol's spokespeople are from the future (the Jetson's) I'm certain they're environmentally conscious.

    But to Counter I say--Simple Green works better than any kill-the-planet soap. And now, with its lemon fresh smell, you don't need to bear the anisey scent.

  4. Sometimes those mass-market products are not problematic at all. I don't know, however, what is in Cascade. I would assume that it has a butt-load of bleach and that is what is breaking down all manners of grease etc.

  5. Well, I may try Simple Green, and I may try Electrasol, but I am, for the moment, going to enjoy my sparkling clean dishes. Do you hear me? I am going to enjoy them!

  6. You know I bet that film layer is hard water deposit. You need something acid in your cleaning product or whatever else breaks down our hard water fun in good old Utah. The water is particularly hard in your area because it comes from wells.

  7. From wells? Oh no theorris, our water comes from faucets.



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