Friday, August 04, 2006

Family reunion.

Yesterday, to celebrate the centennial of my grandfather's birth, we had a family reunion up Provo Canyon. Fifty-five children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren gathered at South Fork Park, which was beautiful yesterday, to eat and klatsch and eat some more. Then we all drove up to Heber to ride the Heber Creeper. This is an extremely slow, extremely old train that takes you on a journey of maybe forty miles round trip in three hours. The nice thing is that you can move around on the train and visit, there's an open air car, so you can track the beautiful Heber Valley as you're crawling through it, and if the day is not too hot, it's actually very refreshing.

Readers of the megastore will be fascinated to hear this bit of info: people in my family are all getting older. All the children have grown. It was nice, even so and despite this reminder of the ineluctable progress of mortality, to see everyone, to see the new babies and the growing kids. To wit:

Boyz of all ages prefer to play GameBoy, their form of klatsching.

These two people were born mere days apart!
(beautiful daughter on right; excellent nephew on left)

Dad, as eldest son, delivers obligatory pre-luncheon remarks.

Mom takes a slow train (to Provo)

The Historian rides the historic train.

More gameboy action on the train, with running son.

International singing star son and his lovely wife.

College daughter making the rounds on the train.

A passel of cousins in a tree.

More cousins in the river.

Meet my cousin, a new spook for the Company. I'll say no more.

The Jordanelle reservoir.

There's so much more--nieces, aunts and uncles, more scenery. It was a good day.


  1. Is this a narrow-gauge train? I love riding on old trains...India was great for this, esp north up in the old British hill stations.

  2. Hi! This is absolutely random, but I came upon your journal today (searching for West Jordan High) and I saw that you mentioned a poem I did a year back at my school's poetry slam (...IN A JAR! ). Hehe, that made my day. Incidentally, I just did a comic interpretation of that poem last week for a magazine. Yes, I draw completely disgusting things as well as write about them. :D

  3. This spread was a special treat for me. Lovely.

  4. Beautiful pics but I'm not convinced that I want to actually experience the Heber Creeper.

    As my recent experience (old girlfriend finds blog) and your "random" comment from Jaleh indicates--our blogs are truly open to the public.



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