Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Counting on both hands.

Weeks till I'm back in class: 3.5
Days till I'm back in class: 25
Things I still want to do: a zillion
Amount of work I have to do to be ready for school: a big fat heap
Quantifiable units of dread at prospects of all the above: quite a few
Days I can still swim laps in the pool before it closes: 19
Half pints of jam I've made: 25 or so?
Movies I've seen: 19-ish
Percentage of the time I've made my bed in the morning: roughly 65%
Summer visits to the dog park: 50?
Dinner parties we gave this summer: 2
Parties still to give before it gets cold: 2--or more
How much random stuff I've learned through my efforts this summer: too hard to add up


  1. I want a cure for Quantifiable Units of Dread: the QUD cure, you know. Can you recommend a doctor? I'm hit hard, too.

  2. I've decided that counting things is bad.

  3. my tummy is twirling as I read your first 5 items--much dread. Sometimes I think I'd do better if I had a job that just cranked right through the year but that's so pessemistic.

  4. Ask not for whom the bell tolls...



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