Monday, July 10, 2006


Today, I fulfilled one of the items in my summer master plan: I swam laps outdoors at the West Jordan pool. And here's how good it was: I want to do it more, even though it was clear from the first length I swam how shockingly out of shape I am.

Swimming is awesome as exercise because:
  • it's in water
  • it's a whole body exercise
  • it loves your joints
  • even though you're usually swimming next to other people, you don't have to talk to them because your face is in the water
  • it makes you feel buoyant
I used to swim a mile a day. I think it would be great to do that again. Here's my next plan: to buy a ten-pass to the Olympic Ice Oval and go skating!


  1. good for you! Did you obtain a swimcap? I wish I could go and swim laps!

  2. I think water is your secret muse (and ice is frozen
    water . . . ).


  3. Yes! I was going to invite you to swim laps at Steiner, where I have a pass. Despite having a pass, I have only done laps once there, because usually I go with son, who is not yet old enough to be left alone in the pool.
    But it is wonderful.

  4. I love swimming. Not so much back to back laps but tooling around in the water, swimming a lap here and there, diving to the bottom, tugging little kids on my back like I'm a dolphin they're riding. Just went swimming again today. I wish I had a pool. Next house, dammit.

  5. Last time I went swimming I almost puked after doing 2 laps and I had to get out and sit for about five minutes to let my head clear while all of the lapswimming old ladies mocked me.

    Swimming is serious business. I'm thinking about taking lessons again at age 35, believe it or not so I can swim without thrashing around and hyperventilating.

  6. No Sleepy E, we were meant for court sports and court sports only. Water is unnatural to us.

  7. I too have no talent for swimming. I am much more adept at the throwing sports: 1 & 2.



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