Monday, July 24, 2006

Happy Pioneer Day, wherever you are.

First of all, this is a holiday not celebrated the world around, not even by Mormons. For instance, my daughter, born and raised in Utah, now living in Scotland, informs me that the Scottish--yet Mormon--children had never heard of such a thing as a pioneer. For my daughter, who's in charge of the organization that educates the children in her congregation, this necessitated activities such as a simulated wagon train and the picking up of simulated buffalo chips. She tells me that this was one of her most successful activities yet with the Mormon--yet Scottish--children. Of course--it included talking about poop, if simulated.

Here in Mormon Central, I marked the day by going to church yesterday and hearing a woman talk about the Martin Handcart Co. (of which some of my predecessors were a part). I also took these pictures of the sky after visiting my aged grandmother.

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