Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Summer news.

College daughter decides to get a tattoo.

Some of Teen Boy Squad get jobs and wear snappy work outfits to go to the jobs.

We decide to let our front lawn turn into a meadow. You can't really tell from the picture, but there are tall-ish grasses and creeping thyme and perennial geranium and a little bit of another herb I can't remember the name of at the moment--sweet woodruff!--all growing in through the lawn. I figure one more season oughta do it. In the meantime, we haven't mowed in I don't know when and the bees are having a heyday in the thyme, which is covered with tiny purple flowers.

Bruiser takes a moment of repose to catch up on the Sunday New York Times.


  1. Excellent meadow! It makes me wonder what the neighbors think of your back-to-nature ways. Do you find lawn care flyers strewn on your porch?

  2. No, and my theory is that the yard is just so rakishly attractive that people are entranced by it. Also, our next door neighbors have recently allowed everything to up and die in their yard. We look like an 18th c. English manor house in comparison. Well, 19th c.

  3. Fantastic. You should go out in the moonlight and recite long passages from Wuthering Heights.

  4. Where do the boys work? Those are snappy uniforms. We should go harass them. It's what teenage boys want.
    I can't wait til Son gets his first job and I can borrow money from him.
    Nice tat, also. small, and in a good location.

  5. hurray for unkempt wild yards! I'm so tired of manicured lawns, hewn sidewalk edges, air blown driveways, and three-times a day green watered lawns in a desert.



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