Friday, June 09, 2006

Ut pictura poesis.

This is either (a) a picture of a Jim Carrey movie being shown on a faraway screen, or (b) a window into the hell that is trans-atlantic travel.

This is a library. (The Reading Room at the British Museum, where Karl Marx retreated to study and write when all the revolutions failed.)

These are some of the Elgin marbles, either stolen or preserved, depending on who you ask, by Lord Elgin in the 19th century. These blow my mind.

My yellow shoes visit the U.K.

A soft drink with ice. (a rarity in Great Britain)

The Historian ("Papa"), my daughter Amelia, and Miriam at Urquhardt Castle

Once a rose window--the Cathedral at Elgin.

At Aberdeen University, which has been a university since the 16th c. Located in Auld Toon Aberdeen.

A field of rapeseed--growing everywhere, these fields blanketed in yellow.

At a historic farm near Newcastle, a warning about the historic pigs.

This is the ploughing champion of Great Britain, now retired. (my son-in-law's stepdad)

This is what Miriam thought of Lordi, the Finnish winners of the Eurovision Song Contest.


  1. The Parthenon facade sculptures (I refuse to use their Imperial name) are indeed amazing. It is stultifying to say the least that the Greek culture was producing that kind of art etc. 2400 years ago.

    I'm quite jealous of your globe trotting.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. And the Scots have a hell of a lot to answer for that destroyed cathedral: John Knox and all. Oy.

    The English of the past weren't much better, of course.

  4. And I forgot Elgin was a Scot. Boo!

  5. Great pictures. I am trying not to be envious of you teachers and your endless summer vacationing and travel. Cool shoes, btw.

  6. Yes, lovely photos. I am waiting for more of the "Children Swearing" movies. Where art they?



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