Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My cruise: the photo essay.

At the Long Beach Aquarium.

This idea somehow never gets old.

The historian classes up the boat.

He comes dancing upon the water,/ Cortez, Cortez/ What a killer
(Neil Young). Okay, fine. You come up with a better caption.

This is the Monarch of the Seas (!) as we leave it in the tender boat.

This is a view of Avalon.

Free your mind.

World Cup, baby, en Mexico.

Homage to Christo (at the Long Beach Museum of Art).

(pathetic) Homage to either Hockney or Mondrian, take your pick (LBMA).


  1. Lovely pics. Now I want to go on a cruise.

  2. Why was the boat tender? Did it hurt its knee? (insert rim shot here.)

    That Long Beach stuff looks killer.

  3. LBC in the house, yo!

  4. Nice pics! How do you get so many posted? Let's cruise baby!



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