Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dog days.

Here is how Betty likes to spend part of her day.

Bruiser soaks up tile-floor-coolness.

Healthy Eating Report: My son told me today that he had a dream that he was eating healthy. "I had a dream that I was eating healthy," he told me, which included having a bag of carrots and a bag of red grapes with him. "I was eating grapes," he told me.

"Do you like grapes?" I asked. I have to ask, because the crappy eating habits of my two remaining at-home kids so floors me that I have finally given in to the shopping list that reads as follows:

1. Doritos
2. Pop Tarts
3. Chocolate crunchy cereal (whatever the brand name is)
4. Non-organic milk (which my son insists is the milk of his forefathers)
5. pizza pouches (pouches! I ask you!)
6. soda
7. Gatorade
8. crap candy

"I have a dream," I told him, and though I'm sure he got it, he refused to give me the satisfaction of a courtesy smile, even.

"Yeah, I like grapes. The red ones, seedless. Not the green ones. Those look too healthy."

"The red ones are better for you, anyway," I said, which I think is true.

"Good. Now don't tell me that ever again," he said.

Score one for healthy eating, stealth-style.


  1. Your commentary on the omniscient narrator over at Mid-B's would be appreciated.

    I feel like you dogs and Counterintuitive on these hot days.

  2. So this is how your son rebels, by the way? That's a good thing considering all the other possible rebelious activities he could be engaged in.

  3. man, I want to be a dog

  4. Now I have a craving for Pop Tarts.

  5. I want to be a dog who drinks Kool-Aid and eats pop tarts. And has her own kiddie pool. And a sprinkler.

  6. Who polices the blog police when the blog police don't blog?

  7. Why is there an empty cooler jug hanging out in your back yard?



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